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Trip Report - Hrach Lukassian from Iran-USA - June 2014

I like to express my experience from when I contacted you through the website and all the way to the end of my Damavand climb. Every time I contacted you with questions, you responded right away with utmost courtesy and respect. Upon arrival, when I called you in Tehran, you assured me that all arrangements were made for my pick up and transportation.

Hrach Lukassian, Damavand Peak June 2014
Hrach Lukassian
Damavand Peak June 2014

Indeed, the entire trip was very well organized. The accommodation was comfortable, the food was just right, but most importantly, my guide, Mr. Saghian was extremely helpful and I reached the summit because of his perfect directions, instructions, and encouragements. I owe my success to Mr. Saghian. I congratulate you for running a professional and trustworthy establishment.

I will always cherish my good memories of climbing Gholeh Damavand.
Thanks, Lukassian

Hrach Lukassian and Mojtaba Saghian, Damavand Summit June 2014
Hrach Lukassian and Mojtaba Saghian
Damavand Summit June 2014

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