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Gilad Stern from South Africa - October 2007

Climbing Damavand can be a bit tricky. It is a high mountain, and not to be underestimated, especially because the height gain is relatively quick. One goes from the low slopes to the 5671 metre high summit in two days, so there is not a great deal of time to acclimatise. So, I found that the best asset I had in climbing Damavand was the considerable experience of Mr Soltani.

It is unusual, maybe even unmatched, for one person to have such extensive experience of one seriously high mountain. Mr Soltani's literally hundreds of summits have given him unparalleled insight into Damavand, and he shares that insight with his client climbers. I benefited from his advice and judgement, and that made the experience both pleasant and fulfilling.

Damavand is a characterfull mountain, high, beautiful, and full of energy. My ascent was enhanced by a guide with character and energy in generous quantities.

Gilad Stern
Cape Town, South Africa

Gilad Stern from South Africa, Mount Damavand Iran
Gilad Stern and Ardeshir Soltani
Mt. Damavand Summit - October 2007
Photo by Ali Najafi

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