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Frans van den Aardweg from Holand - October 2013

I needed an new challenge after I failed to climb Mt Aconcaqua February this year because of the bad weather. I found Mount Damavand, Iran by the girlfriend of my brother. I climbed before Mt Blanc, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Mt Stanley, Mt Meru and was on Everest up to 6000m so Damavand became my challenge.

Frans van den Aardweg from Holand on  Damavand Summit
Frans van den Aardweg
Climb Damavand Summit
3 October 2013

I booked my trip by the site www.damawand.de because there was lots of good information and it sounded reliable. Because I would like very much to summit I booked 1 extra day for acclimatization. I did not want to climb with to warm weather so I choose to go at the end of the season, what afterwards was a very well decision. So I arrived on 29 sept on IKA after 2 hours delay because off one bad engine. Trek Mount Damavand Iran.

Mr Soltani was there to say hello and brought me to the Shahr Hotel in Tehran. The next day he brought me to Polour and introduced me to my guide Amir. He checked my gear and that was oke so I was ready to go the next day to go from hut 2 to hut 3, where we arrived in the  afternoon. Because of the climb  I had an little headache, but this was gone the next day.

The next day Amir and I climbed for more the 1 hour and then descend again to acclimatize.
I enjoyed this day very much. The next day we where ready for the summit. Because I wanted to summit my wish was to start early and when I talked to my guide we decided to start at 6 o’clock. Mt Damavand Guide.

We started at 5:50 AM and after 8 hours we reached the summit at 1.50 PM. The wind was very hard and I had some problems with breathing especially near the summit because there was also a lot off sulfur in the air coming from the summit. There was also an other climber who we helped to the summit. I was very pleased when we reached the summit and made a movie from the last part.

We stayed about half an hour on the summit before we went down. The way back to hut 3 was long and slippery because all of the small rolling stones. After 4 hours we reached the hut finally. I was very tired but also very pleased that I did reached the summit.

The next day we descended to hut 2 where the car brought us back to Polour. After a welcome shower and  an “Melon” party we went for an lunch in an restaurant. In the afternoon after thanking my guide I was going to an Spa in (Abe Garm Larijan near) Reyneh with Mr Soltani. This was very nice to do. Mount Damavand Myth.

The next day we went to Tehran where he showed me the (Golestan) Palace, the (Big) Bazaar and we went to (Darband) the north of Tehran we made and walk uphill with many stairs. We drunk something near the “Summit” before we went down. We enjoyed the scenery over Tehran and took some last pictures. Then Mr Soltani brought me back to my hotel, where he would pick me up that night to bring me back to the airport.

The next morning I flew back to Amsterdam. I was filled with joy and like to thank Mr Soltani for this wonderful trip which I will not forget. Also thanks to my guide Amir.

Frans van den Aardweg and Amir  Manian on Damawand Peak
Frans van den Aardweg and Amir Manian
Damawand Peak, 3 October 2013

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