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Dharmesh Dhaya from South Africa - Sep 2014

Looking for a new challenge, I set my sights on Mount Damavand in Iran. Doing extensive research it became abundantly clear that Damavand Info was the most up to date and informative site on the web. This site is hosted and maintained by Mr Ardeshir Soltani who also happens to be the owner of the company.

Dharmesh Dhaya from South Africa, Mount Damavand
Dharmesh Dhaya from South Africa
Mount Damavand View from Polour Village, Sep 2014

After a few negotiations in which Mr Soltani gave me some invaluable advice, we decided on a date as well as private tour. I was very happy with his flexibility and his advice. We met at Hotel Shahr (a hotel that Mr Soltani recommended – wonderful hotel) in Tehran had a good chat and did a gear check.

Over the next 2 days, I together with a guide from Mr Soltani's company climbed Shirpala and Tochal just outside Tehran in order to help the acclimatization process for Damavand. Packed lunches were provided and private rooms were also booked. I felt very safe and comfortable.

Dharmesh Dhaya, Mansouri, Ardeshir Soltani, Damavand September 2014
Dharmesh Dhaya, Mansouri, Ardeshir Soltani
Mount Damavand, September 2014

After two days, Mr Soltani personally took me to Camp 1, again a private room was booked and all meals were provided. He then introduced me to my guide for my adventure to Mount Damavand. My guide, Amir Manian had summited 102 times and with any luck, it would be 103 in a couple of days' time. A vehicle and a competent driver was arranged by the company for the drive to camp 2.

Camp 3 awaited me with a private room and full meals during my stay there. Amir took great care of me and any requests that I had. The summit attempt was indeed difficult and I found it very hard to come down but again due to Amir and his professional attitude, it all worked out in the end. I must also point out that Amir and Mr Soltani were in constant contact to ensure my safety and wellbeing.

Dharmesh Dhaya and Amir Manian, Damawand Mountain Iran
Dharmesh Dhaya and Amir Manian
Damawand Mountain Iran

Dharmesh and Amir, Damavand Summit Photo
Dharmesh and Amir
Damavand Summit

I had made no concrete plans to tour Tehran after my climb but again Mr Soltani was most accommodating and ensured that I had a guide to see this most intriguing and beautiful city. My perceptions and outlook of Iran and its people where forever changed. I have climbed 4 major mountains on 4 different continents but I must say that Mr Soltani and Amir exceeded my expectations.

Incredibly helpful and a genuine love for Iran and its mountains. I was so happy with the service that I intend to go back there and together with the company, see the rest of the many attractions that Iran has to offer. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you would like and more information or guidance.

Dharmesh Dhaya from South Africa

ddhaya [at] gibb.co.za

Dharmesh Dhaya from South Africa, Mount Damavand
Mansouri, Sam Cobley, Amir, Ardeshir and Dharmesh
meeting few friens during the trek

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