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Benjamin Aubert From France - June 2010

"I spent 2 weeks in Iran with Mr Soltani and it was an amazing trip. Everything was prepared and very well organized. I had not to worry about anything. Mr Soltani is a Mount Damavand, Iran Expert, he has wonderful knowledge about the mountain and the region. He knows where to go when and everything is clear. It first my first trip/guide in the world and I really like the time we spent. I had the chance to go far north to Sabalan and to see another huge mountain.
Why choosing Damavand Mountain Guide, Iran.
- Serious
- Honest
and he will help you to discover Iran as you which with many traditions and cultural aspect.
It worth going to the mountain with Mr Soltani if you wish to reach the summit. It is also very useful to listen as Mr Soltani advice as he climbed the mountain several times ;-)

Allez les Verts"
Benjamin Aubert

Benjamin Aubert From France, Mount Damavand Iran
Benjamin Aubert from France
with Saint Etienne Football Club Flag
Mt Damavand Summit, 15 June 2010
Photo Ardeshir Soltani

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