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Ania from Britannia and Laurent from France - Aug 2013

I finally resettled at home. It was a pleasure to be with you, to Climb Mount Damavand, Iran and to visit your country. The whole trip de-mistified a wonderful nation behind a propaganda of media and politics.
Thank you Mr. Soltani. Damavand Mountain Guide, Iran.

"Solard's team was superb. Their support from getting the visas, preparing for the mountain, guiding and then looking after our recovery was second to none. Everybody went an extra mile. We sincerely recommend their services." Hiking Trekking Mt Damavand Iran

Parvaneh – it was really surreal experience to meet you again and have you as a guide. I have a feeling that there will be more. Safe travels and stay in touch.

Ania from Britannia (Poland) and Laurent from France
Best regards and many happy climbing adventures. Ania

Mount Damavand Base Camp, August 2013
Damavand Mountain, Iran Base Camp, August 2013
Laurent Philavong, Ania Lichota and Parvaneh Kazemi
Climbing Mount Damavand

Damawand Base Camp, August 2013
Damawand Camp2 Base, August 2013
Ardeshir Soltani, Laurent Philavong, Ania Lichota and Parvaneh Kazemi
Trekking Tour Mount Damavand

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