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Andreas and Angelika Stadler from Germany - Sep 2014

Mount Damavand, Iran is the highest mountain in the middle east and one of the highest free standing mountains in the world. If you want to try climbing this mountain and if you are searching for a reliable guide I can absolutely recommend the services offered by Ardeshir Soltani. Guide Mount Damavand.
During the tour he organises all the belongings for you. You get picked up in your hotel in Teheran, will be transferred to the mountain, you don't need to think about the reservation of Camp 1 and Camp 3 and he cares for food and drink. You don't need to worry about anything during the tour and all necessary services will be reliably provided for you. Furthermore, if you book a VIP tour, you can fix up your program that answers exactly to your own wishes.

Mount Damavand Iran, September 2014
Mount Damavand Iran, September 2014
Angelika and Andreas (mother and son) from Germany
Climbing Mount Damavand

On the mountain itself, we weren't guided by Ardeshir Soltani but by Mojtaba Saghian, another very experienced guide of Mr. Soltani's team who made a great work and who let us feel very safe during the entire tour. Unfortunately, I got sick in the night before the summit day, so we weren't able to reach the summit. This is sad, but it's not a fault of the excellent services provided by Ardeshir Soltani and Mojtaba Saghian. Hiking Trekking Mount Damavand Iran

Damavand First Camp Polour, September 2014
Damavand First Camp Polour, September 2014
Angelika, Andreas and Ardeshir
Trekking Tour Mount Damavand

Iran is a wonderful country which is totally different to the image this country has on most of the medias of the western world and I can absolutely recommend climbing Mount Damavand to all who love the high mountains, who are ready to abstain from the luxury of a hotel for several days and who want to experience an unforgettable adventure in a country where friendliness and hospitality has the most important signifiance.

The most difficult issue of a journey to Iran is not the journey itself, but the courage to go there. If you have arrived there, you will absolutely adore it and Ardeshir Soltani makes your stay even more attractive and unforgettable. Thank you very much and we hope to see you again!
Andreas and Angelika from Germany. Ski Touring Mount Damavand, Iran

Damawand Camp2 Base, September 2014
Damawand Camp2 Base, September 2014
Angelika, Mojtaba and Andreas

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