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Iran Mountain Federation Camp Reyneh

Q- Is it possible to spend a night after the climb in the Rineh mountain federation hut?
A- Yes it is possible, but Camp 1 Polour is a much better option.

Q- We need Transport to Rineh City for Climbing Damavand Iran?
A- Read the differences between Camp1 Reyneh and Camp1 Polour. If you travel from Tehran to the mountain, we do not recommend Reyneh as a starting point, accommodation or acclimatization any more.

Q- We plan to climb Mt. Damavand in the end of July / beginning of August and would like, if we may, to ask you the following questions: We arrive at Teheran Airport on ---, presumably at ---. Are there possibilities to buy food (nothing fancy, just staples) in Reyneh and Camp2 Gusfandschara?
A- See the differences between Camp1 Reyneh and Camp1 Polur. Reyneh is not suggested as a starting point and Camp 2 Base is not suitable for accommodation in summer any more. You better to do your shopping in Tehran, Polour or midway.

Mt Damavand Campsite, Reyneh Resort
Mt Damavand Campsite, Reyneh Resort
Rooms with bunk beds

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