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Mount Damavand Polur Resort

For those travelers to Mount Damavand Iran who have registered their tour packages in advance, we will try to book mountain resorts and we do our best to support their accommodation in private rooms with bunk beds in Mount Damavand huts.

Booking Damavand Camps

Update 8 June 2017 - Unfortunately at the moment we have no clear answer for foreign mountaineers for how to book Damavand camps! Already Iran Mountain Federation has stopped the former reservation system and intends to make an online registration for Damavand Camps. But we are not sure when and how they can manage it for foreigners!

Q- Is there any beds in Damavand huts?
A- Yes, there are bunk beds in Camp 1 Polour Hut and Camp 3 New Hut.

Q- Are there beds available in Polour huts?
A- Yes there are rooms with bunk beds in in camp1 Polour Hut.

Camp1 Polur Mt Damavand Iran, Rooms with bunk beds
Camp1 Polur Mt Damavand Iran
Rooms with bunk beds

Q- Are there any toilet? Can we use the hot water showers in camps?
A- At camp1 Polour Hut you may find: beds, toilet, hot water, shower, kitchen and cooking equipments.

Q- Can you please tell me what facilities are available at Polour Camp. For example, are there mattresses to sleep on? Is there hot water available for making food or do we have to bring our own water and stove?
A- Polour Hut have most of the mentioned facilities, for more info Visit Polur Resort.

Q- I wondered if you know if the shelters on the southern route are open in March or if it is more advisable to bring the own tent, sleeping bag and cooker.
A- All shelters are open in March, but it is recommended to book and use Camp 1 Polour Hut and Camp 3 New Hut, in this case you do not need to bring extra gears.

Q- Could you please send me some information about the "refuge" on south route of Damavand volcano?
A- Visit Camp 3 Bargah Sevom Shelter

Q- Are there possibilities to boil water in the huts without bringing our own stove?
A- Yes, there are kitchen in the huts which you can use.
See also Q&A about Damavand Camp 1 Polur in our Forum.

Camp1 Polur Mt Damavand Iran
Camp1 Polur Mt Damavand Iran

Q- Can you help us to book the accommodation in My. Damavand Camp 1 Polur Hut?
A- We would do our best for the registered clientsif possible, but I can not guarantee during the crowded season.

Q- Do you think one day in Camp 1 will be OK for rest after flight?
A- It all depends to your arrival time to Tehran and at what time do you arrive at Camp1?! If it is early in the morning, one day rest could be enough.

Q- is it possible to go by walking from camp 1 to camp 2, how many hours would that take and if not too long can we go from camp 1 directly to camp 3 by walking in 1 day?
A- The distance between Camp1 Polour to Camp2 Base is 17.7 Km (11.3 Km asphalt road + 6.4 Km gravel road). See Facts And Figures. It is not recommended because it could take about 3 to 5 hours extra time to walk from camp1 to camp2.

Q- I have checked the program and would like to ask, We would like to walk from Camp 1 to Camp 2 on the second day?
A- If your target is Damavand summit, we do not recommend wasting your time and energy at lower slopes.

Q- What is the distance from Gravel Road junction to Camp 1 Polour?
A- About 11.3 Km.

Q- Can you help us to book the accommodation in Polour Hut?
A- No problem, we may book it for you if possible.

Q- We would like to trek as much as possible, do we have to go from camp1 to base camps with cars or can we trek?
A- In summer season, you may also trek 17.7 Km without using cars, but it is not recommended.

Q- How long will it take if we choose to only trek from camp1 to camp3 as opposed to take cars?
A- It all depends to what is your final destination? Just trekking the mountain or going to the summit?!

Q- I think we will go from camp1 to camp2 by foots for better acclimatisation.
A- Please visit Facts And Figures. Camp1 Polour to Camp2 Base distance 17.7 Km, it is not recommended.

Q- Would it be better to walk from camp 1 to 2 and to 3, rather than take a car?
A- The distance is about 17.7 Km, we do not recommend because we do not know about your team fitness and for sure your team will be very tired for the summit day.

Q- We want to trek Damavand from the foot to the summit. Instead of driving to camp 1 and 2, and continue trekking to summit. After we will descend and return to...
A- If you intend to climb to the summit, I believe you better to do some modification to your itinerary, because you are living at the sea level, to avoid AMS you need more acclimatization, and going to the peak without using the camps is very difficult for your team.

Q- What is the distance from the airport to the base camp?
A- Tehran IKA Airport to Camp1 Polour distance is about 133 Km.
See more details in Facts And Figures.

Camp1 Polur Mt Damavand Iran, Rooms with bunk beds
Camp1 Polur Mt Damavand Iran
Rooms with bunk beds

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