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Volcano Damavand Iran

Mount Damavand is a massive stratovolcano. This majestic volcano is located in Iran between Tehran and south of the Caspian Sea in the middle of Alburz Mountain Range. This huge volcano lies between the Eurasian and the Arabian tectonic plate collision zone and is the highest mountain of the Middle Eastern region.

Volcano Damavand Iran, Satellit photo by NASA
Volcano Damavand Iran
Satellit photo by NASA

Damavand summit crater is about 200 m wide and 30 m deep, it contains a 40 m diameter frozen lake in the bottom. There is no permanent glacier on the south face (other that a small icefall) because the climate is too dry. But there are patches of hardened perennial snow.

Damavand Mountain Iran, powerful fumaroles vent near the summit crater
Damavand Mountain Iran
Powerful fumaroles vent near the summit crater
makes some difficulty for damavand climbers
Phot by Amir Manian

No historical eruptions have occurred at Volcano Damavand Iran. The last eruption and latest activity occurred about 7000 years ago and produced lava flows from the summit crater that cover the western flank.

Damavand Volcano, Active fumaroles just below the summit
Damavand Volcano
Active fumaroles vent just below the summit
emits hot steam and hot SO2-rich gases
Photo by Parvaneh Kazemi

Damavand has only few flank vents. There is a powerful fumaroles vent on the south route near the summit crater which emits hot steam and SO2-rich gases. Active fumaroles at the summit suggest that the volcano is still active. Just below the summit, there are blocks of pure sulphur and large sulphur-bearing blocks. Sulphur deposits are present on the surrounding slopes.

Damavand Volcano Iran
Mount Damavand Iran
Cloud Cap view from Nava Village
Phot by Ardeshi Soltani

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