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Crowd and Popularity of Mount Damavand Iran

Mt Damavand is a popular destination for hiking trekking and mountaineering, it is well-known for its great height, easy accessibility from Tehran, moderate slopes and fair climbing difficulty especially in summer season ascends.

This popularity makes some high season crowd problem during summer and Persian holidays and weekends. To encounter minimum crowd problem, stay away from Iranian weekends and holidays (Persian weekends are Thursday and Friday), Kick off your program on Saturday to Monday and finish it before the weekend.

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Damawand Iran
Damawand Iran

Damawand Crowd FAQs

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Q- What are the best months for trekking Damavand to meet the smallest possible of crowd ? (e.g. in summer June /July) or autumn (September / October)?
A- Early June and late September.

Q- What are the most crowded days for Mt Damavand in summer?
A- Most crowded days are holidays and Iranian weekend , which are Thursday and Friday.
In order to encounter the least possible crowd problem, keep away from weekends and holidays. It is better to start your program on Saturday or Sunday and finish it before weekend.

Q- My preferred dates would be to arrival in Tehran on Friday.
A- Iranian weekend are Thursday and Friday. To get rid of road traffic in Iranian weekends, Saturday to Monday are recommended for starting dates. and best days to be away from the crowds in summer are also Iranian midweek. See also Crowd.

Q- Are there too many people on the mountain in June and July?
A- Not many if you avoid the Iranian weekends and holidays.

Q- We are worry about our place in Camp3 new hut which could be full when we arrive there. But our team is not fixed yet.
A- Its better to book your place in advance.

Q- What are the best time/days for Damawand trekking to have no crowd problem?
A- Best days to be away from the crowds in summer are Iranian midweek days. (Iranian weekend are Thursday and Friday). There are some major summer holidays and long weekends in Iran which are not suitable for any trip to Damavand in any route, because all sides of the mountain and the road to the area could be crowded. 

Q- I would like to go on a Demavand trekking tour in the first week of April. 
A- There is a major Iranian holiday in the first week of April and nothing is in order in that period. We advise you to be aware of these crowded days and road traffic jams. Let's work together to finalize your exact timing before you book your flight tickets. Visit Persian Public Holidays.

Q- When do you think is the best time for us? because what we saw on your web pages, there is a main holiday in the first week of April
A- When you are making a decision for timing, let us know to find the best days of the week to avoid Crowd.

Q- How crowded is Damavand mountain in June?
A- Usually the first two weeks of June is not too crowded, but all depends to the Persian Public Holidays and long weekends.

Damavand Natural Attractions
Damavand Natural Attractions

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