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Damavand Tour Cost and Price

We organize a wide range of high quality tours to Mt Damavand and other Iranian mountains in all seasons for beginner to advance experienced climbers for hiking & trekking, climbing and skitouring. Visit also our Guestbook.

There are many questions about cost and price of Damavand tours, we can not give you a clear answer unless you provide enough information about your program. There is not any general purpose price list in this regard.

The cost of Damawand tour is mainly dependent upon some factors such as the Timing, number of days in an Itinerary, number of participants in a team, the required logistic and Services, kind of Hotel and the type of tour package, i.e. VIP Private Tour or Economy Group Tour. The estimated price is given only when all the necessary information is provided.

Damawand Iran
Damawand Iran

Damavand VIP Private Tours Cost and Price

VIP Private Tour is a fully tailor made tour and is custom designed for a client or a team, it is recommended for foreign incoming groups and it is quite flexible! In a private tour package, the main factors in pricing are the number of days in the program and the number of participants in your group.

As the number of people who take part in your team increases, the cost per person will decreases. Also a short form itinerary is cheaper than longer one. So it is possible to offer you an accurate or estimated prices when the exact number of people in your team is clear.

Those who have an inquiry about the cost of a private trip to Damavand are asked to fill in the following form and send it by email to enable us to give the quotation.

1- Your name:
2- Your age(s:
3- Gender(s:
4- Nationality:
5- Itinerary:
6- Climbing route:
7- Starting date of Damavand tour:
8- Exact number of participants in your team:
9- Your mountaineering level(s):
10- Services and logistics you need:
11- Do you need Iranian visa support:
12- Type of hotel you need:
13- Arrival and entry date/time to Iran:
14- Planned entry point:
15- Departure date to your country:

Damavand Mountain Iran
Damavand Mountain Iran

Damavand Economy Group Tours Cost and Price

An Economy Group Tour (also called share tour) is a budget tour to Damavand Mountain which is financially cheaper than a private one. It is intended to reduce the cost of individual travellers and allow them to join a group of mountaineers from other countries to climb Mnt Damawand in a team work.

Share tour has the following limitations and Disadvantages:
- It is not so flexible and you can not do fine tuning to it.
- The starting day is fixed by the tour operator.
- The itinerary is limited to 3-4 days
- Some services are not included, such as Iran visa and transport form IKA Airport to tehran.

If you have any inquiry about the cost of a group tour to Mt Damavand, fill in the following form and send it by email, the price is the same for all participants.

1- Your name(s:
2- Your age(s:
3- Gender(s:
4- Nationality:
5- Type of Tour: Damavand Economy Tour
6- Which program you are interested in: ie Program Four, 3-5 September 2013
7- Exact number of participants in your team:
8- Your mountaineering skill(s):

Damavand Iran
Damavand Iran

Damavand Tours Cost and Price FAQ

Q- how much will it cost for a shared group?
A- Visit Damavand Economy Tours.

Q- We are a mountaineering agency and would like to come to Mt Damavand at the end of March or beginning of April with 7 to 10 people. There are some European friends in the group. Could you send us price for the 9 days ski tour program including one day Tehran and Isfahan sightseeing days.
A- It is recommended to fix your plan, choose your Itinerary, Hotel and let us know more details such as arrival day and logistics you need so we can give you the offer and talk about price details later. Find a suitable program in Ski Itinerary for your Mt Damawand Skitour, feel free to make changes to best suit your program.

Q- I would like to know the prices and the programs to climb Mount Damawand Iran.
A- We do not have a general purpose price list; we can estimate the price for fixed tours when exact number of a team and other necessary info are clearly mentioned in the form.

Q- Unfortunately I cannot find you page for Mt Demavand cost. Would you please advise me where I can find the page for the cost and price? I am no good with internet!
A- Visit Cost.

Q- How do I apply for private tour to Damavand and how much dose it cost, I am looking at 3 day or 4 day tour.
A- First choose your Itinerary, then visit the Cost, fill the form and send it by email and let us know some more info about your trip so we can offer you the quotation.

Q- We would of course like to know a little about the prices of Damawand tours.
A- If you have an inquiry about the cost of your trip to Mt Damavand first choose your Itinerary, we recommend five days, then visit Cost, fill the form and send it by email and let us know some more info about your trip so we can calculate the cost of your tour.

Q- We would be a group of 4-7 climbers, already experience in trekking at high altitude. Two of us have done Kilimanjaro last year, others have done a lot of trekking and have climbed mountains in Europe, Himalaya's and South America. We want to ascend Mt. Damavand maybe around May-June next year. We would like to receive some detailed information about schedule, prices, etc.
A- It is recommended to fix your program, choose an Itinerary, and let us know more details such as arrival day and logistic you need so we can give you the best possible Services and discuss the details later. 5A- Five Days Itinerary is our suggested itinerary for your trip to Damavand, feel free to make changes to best suit your plan.

Q- Please tell me the price of a private Damavand tour if we bring our tents. I mean: Private tour plus transport and stay in the camps and huts?
A- In a full package private tour, all the necessary logistics and services are included in the price and you do not need to bring tent.

Q- I do not know exactly when I will climb Damavand. I have done few climb in the world and the last one was Mont Blanc in the end of September. I want to know if I can do it alone with a guide and how much it will cost me.
A- Your Timing and Itinerary determines the Cost of your trip, please clarify in what time of the year you decide ascending, fix your program, choose your itinerary, and let us know more details such as arrival day and logistic you need so we can give you the best possible Services and discuss the details.

Q- We could come early June if that is recommendable, please give me an idea of the cost?
A- Visit Price.

Q- I have to cut down the costs, please advice me, what we could change in the Demavand itinerary, which part we should resign. Unfortunately we have limited budget. Please suggest some changes in itinerary to cut costs, I think we should resign some services.
A- What is the first priority of your trip to Iran? Mt Damavand or city tours? If the first priority is Damawand, what is your main target? Reaching the summit or just trekking to the mountain? If your main target is to reaching the summit, we do not recommend any change in necessary services. Visit also: Climbing Tips, and Common Mistakes.

Q- How much would it cost for a trip to Damavand Mountain Iran?
A- Visit Cost and Price.

Q-How much would a two weeks plan cost in $US for 1 person?
A- Please let us know your arrival day and logistic you need so we can offer you (two weeks) itinerary and discuss the details. Visit also Price.

Q- Could you be so kind to send me the rates for the different groups' size (from 2 to 12 pax).
A- Please note, we do not have a general purpose price list, we will calculate the cost and price for fixed tours when itinerary, timing, the exact number of team, arrival day and all necessary logistic are clearly mentioned in the request.

Q- How much do it cost for a 4 days tour of climbing Mount Damavand private package (3 person from and back Tehran)?
A- If you have an inquiry about the cost of your trip to Mt Damavand please visit Cost, fill the form and send it by email and let us know some more info about your trip so we can offer you the quotation.

Q- What are the fees/costs for private tour, visa, supplies, porter service, transportation, and guide for Damavand Mountain?
A- Please let us know the exact number of your team, arrival day, itinerary and logistic you need so we can give you the best possible services and price. Visit also Price and Visa.

Q- Does it affect the cost per person if the number of participant in a group decreases?
A- Yes, any change in number of the group or itinerary will affect the price.
See also Q&A about Cost Damavand FAQ in our Forum.

Damavand Natural Attractions
Damavand Natural Attractions

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