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Ascend Mount Damavand Iran 5671m

Climbing Experience/Levels
If your target is to reach to the Damavand summit, it is not recommended to include a non experienced mountaineer in a practiced group in the same program and itinerary.
We organize Damavand tours for different climbing levels in separate categories.

(Climb Difficulty vs Timing)
Remember climbing Damavand gets more difficult as we go towards the cold seasons, i.e. after December the weather becomes colder and you must be practiced for tough conditions, so it is highly recommended for beginners not to attempt this mountain in cold weather, the suggested timing for novice is summer season only. Visit also Timing and Difficulty.

Damawand Summit, April 2013 Skitour
Tadeusz Kacprowski From Poland, Frozen Mustache
Damawand Summit, April 2013
Photo by Ali Alifard

Winter Climbing Damavand
Climbing Damavand Mountain 18,605 ft. in Winter
Winter is the most difficult season for Damavand mountaineering. We do not want to disappoint you, but it is really hard, freezing and cold. You should be very strong and you must be well-practiced for winter ascends.

In any winter sport activity on Mt Damavand, such as winter climbing, ski mountaineering and snowboarding programs the safety of a team is the main priority. Ascend to the summit is possible only in a suitable weather and good physical condition of your team.
Visit also Winter Warning.

Physical Fitness Necessary
Physical Fitness to Attack Mt Damavand Peak
If you are interested to know about the required level of physical fitness to climb Mt Damavand Iran, before we could talk about this issue, it is recommended to answer the following questions, let us know some information about your physical ability!

How old are you?
Do you have any extra weight?
Do you have any regular training?
Do you have any kind of sickness?
Where and at what elevation above sea level do you live?
What is the highest summit which you have climbed so far?
When was your last successful attempt to a high mountain?
Please give any information which you think might be helpful in this regard.

Italia Team, August 2012, Mount Damavand Tour
Mt Damavand Tour
Italiy Dream Team, August 2012

Trek Damavand Volcano Iran Q&A

Q- To what extent would we need outside (expert) help to climb Demavand and to reach the third camps before the summit?
A- In a clear day you can find your way and the route with no problem. But in fogy condition and bad weather, it is very difficult to find your way.

Q- Please be so kind to advise me about the technical part and how hard the Damawand climb is.
A- Damavand south face is not a technical route, as far as you are fit enough and done ordinary climbing, have ordinary equipments and listen to your guide advices; you have the chance of success.

Q- We are not experienced climbers but we are in good physical conditions. Do you think that is Any problem to goto the Damavand top?
A- A good physical fitness is required for this mountain plus some mountaineering experience and suitable weather.

Q- How long is the duration of round trip to Mnt Damavand?
A- 3 to 5 days.

Q- What route are we taking to the Damawand summit and what techniques does it require? Do we need crampons and ice axes? or is it merely a tough and long trek?
A- We usually trek to the summit from south route, ordinary mountaineering and trekking techniques, you don not need crampons and ice axes in summer.

Q- how many days are required to climb Demavand Iran?
A- In summer time 3 to 5 days is usually enough, but in winter and difficult condition you need more time.

Q- I am making plans to come mid-October. How many days do I need to climb Damavand?
A- Depends to the weather, at this time of the year usually takes 4 to 5 days.

Q- I was thinking to make the trip in 3 to 4 days, starting from Tehran. Does that sound possible?
A- Yes that sounds good.

Damavand Tour, Photo by A. Soltani
Mt. Damavand Iran
Photo by A. Soltani

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