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Registration and Booking Damavand Tours

After discussing all the tour details and if all the terms are OK with you, we will book your Damavand tour in our event calendar. To enable us to make all the preparation in your itinerary in time, we will send you the instruction to pay deposit for the registration of your program.

In ordinary season we usually recommend our clients to complete their registration 30 days before the starting day, but in summer time which is high season for Mt Damavand tours, ie in June, July, August and September we could be very busy, so the sooner you finish the registration of your program the better.

To registration a private tour, all participants are requested to pay 50 percent of their total cost as deposit 30 days prior to the departure date unless otherwise specified, and pay the remaining balances in cash in Euro on the first day of the tour. Visit Also Term of Payment.

Damavand Iran
Mount Damavand Iran

Q- How long in advance do we need to book for a private tour to Damavand? I will get back to you with more information on our planned schedule, number of climbers etc.
A- Please let us know when you have made your decision and give us enough time for preparation of your tour. In high season we need some more time for programming guides, arrangement of transportation and transfers, booking the huts and hotel, preparation of food, drink and other services and apply for your Iran Visa in time.

Q- What are the steps for registering a Damawand tour?
A- If/When all the discussed terms are OK with you, we will book your tour in our event calendar and send you the instruction to pay deposit for the registration of your program.
Visit Also Term of Payment.

Q- How much deposit should we pay to register our Demavand tour and when?
A- 50 percent of your total cost 30 days before the departure date. To support you with best possible services, it is recommended to fix and confirm your summer trip to Iran asap.

Q- How long time in advance do we need to book a Damawand guide for August?
A- Do not forget to book and register your tour in advance to get the benefit of our most experienced mountain guides. In summer season the sooner the better. August is a busy month for us, to support you with best possible services, it is recommended to fix and confirm the exact starting days of your trip to Iran asap. Also do your best to avoid Crowds on Iranian weekends (Thursday and Friday) and holidays.

Q- How early do we need to book our Damavend tour?
A- We usually suggest to complete your registration 30 days before the starting day.

Q- I hope the Damavand tour deposits are now visible in your account?
A- Ordinary method of money transfer usually takes up to three working days to be completed.

Q- To go to the mountain, on the first day we would prefer a transport from the airport directly to camp1 Polour.
A- This service is available for our Registered client only. If you finish the registration process in time we will do our best to support you.

Q- We would like to go to Damavand this weekend. Please give me a call to discuss.
A- Unfortunately we received your email too late and you did not give us enough time to organize any program for your plan next week! We have already booked private tours and our clients have registered for that period.

Q- I am writing to ask about the possibility of climbing Damavand this weekend.
I am currently studying at Tehran. My friends and I would like to climb Damavand on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. We are all are good hikers - last week we went from Mt Tochal to Shahrestanak. We actually met you about a month ago on Mt Tochal. We are about 5 people.
Is the damavand weather ok?
Is it possible for a guide to come with us?

A- I am sorry! Your email came to us too late and we do not have enough time to arrange any plan for your team! Unfortunately we will be very busy for the next two weeks. I wonder if you could start your program later? Or kindly refer to one of our trusted colleagues Mr. +++, if he could he would do his best to support you.

Cloud on Mount Damavand Iran
Multi Layer Cloud on Mount Damavand
Photo by Abdulah Hekmat

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