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Acute Mountain Sickness Damavand

Q- What is the side effect of Diamox?
A- Diamox or Acetazolamide pill is used in Damavand acclimatisation days to reduce AMS, the side effect include: an uncomfortable tingling of the fingers, toes and face. Carbonated (with gas) drinks taste flat (no gas); excessive urination; and rarely, blurring of vision.

Damawand Mountain Iran, Accommodation in Tent
Damawand Mountain Iran
Accommodation in Tent

Q- I wish to know is there any risk for altitude sickness or how about if we ascend slowly and give our body the chance to acclimatize?
A- There is always the risk of AMS, especially for the newcomers, we always recommend to ascend Damavand slowly and steady and before finalizing your program you should know about fitness of all individuals in your team.

Q- Do you provide supplementary oxygen in case of any need?
A- Yes, no problem.

Mount Damavand Iran, Accommodation in Camps
Mount Damavand Iran
Accommodation in Camps

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